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"UNEP Goodwill Ambassador Aidan Gallagher’s photo appeared in an ad featured in a special issue of Variety magazine dedicated to environmental action in Hollywood. As part of the initiative, Aidan is challenging his fans and followers to shift to a more plant-based diet and highlighting the power of collective action— “when we all come together, we can have a huge impact,” he said."

"Aidan is working on his next song, “Dream" and we can’t wait to find out what it's about, and in the meantime, fans are hoping that Aidan will release studio versions of his new songs."

"The production of (FOR YOU) is quite hypnotic and is packed with lush melodies which create quite an enthralling soundscape that keeps me playing it over and over again."

"Within this blend of melodies and lyrics he (Gallagher) crafts a special song (FOR YOU) that is both warm and bittersweet yet so hypnotizing and inviting."

"The song (FOR YOU) has finally premiered and might we say, it sounds fantastic."

"This song (FOR YOU) is different from his previous releases and we can definitely say that Aidan Gallagher knows his music. He is versatile, his songs are brilliant..."

"...crafted something so unique, so charming and so inviting that any music lover will surely dive immediately into this world..."

“Blue Neon Club Version” delivers electronic beats and a hypnotic ambient vibe contrasted with vocals expressing love lost.

"Gallagher wrote the music and lyrics for "TIME", a pop punk ode to the show and the "concept of time."

"Harking back to a more classic form of rock, Gallagher passionately sings into an old-school microphone and plays guitar while performing the song that he wrote."

"Outside of dreaming up his own potential Danger Days-level production, Gallagher has big plans for the future. Working around a busy schedule, he’s writing as much as he can. After dropping a few singles, he intends to release a full album and announce a string of tour dates."

"Third-party analytics suggest that The Umbrella Academy was a bigger hit for Netflix than the first season of Stranger ThingsThe Umbrella Academy season 1premiered on February 15 to popular and critical acclaim, and within a week was the most in-demand digital original series in the United States, ahead of shows like Stranger ThingsStar Trek: DiscoveryTitans, and Young Justice."

Aidan Gallagher and Trinity Rose Debut Earnest Duet 'Miss You': Exclusive


“The Umbrella Academy” fan favorite Number Five (or, as he goes by on the daily, Aidan Gallagher) dropped his new single “Blue Neon” on March 22. The 15-year-old breakout star shows great promise as a musician with this smooth pop hit. Electronic beats run in dulcet streams with Gallagher’s skilled playing of the acoustic guitar and piano. His lyrics may bend toward the conventional but Gallagher demonstrates a flair for emotion that will have listeners craving for more. —ELW

"Gallagher’s vocals are stunning. They are different than anything I’ve personally heard in today’s pop music."

Introducing you to your favorite new artists! (featuring Blue Neon Club Version)

"His sound reflects a steady teen vocal uttering expressive lyrics under perfect acoustic knocks."

"Aidan Gallagher is launching his music career with first single, 'Blue Neon (Club Version)'."

"Organized wildlife crime is driving species' extinction and celebs are helping to stop it." Link to: Aidan Gallagher


"Aidan Gallagher has announced that he will be releasing the club version of his single 'Blue Neon'."

"Not only has “Five” stolen our hearts as an actor, but his incredible abilities as both a singer and a songwriter are truly something everyone can enjoy."

"Aidan isn't currently signed to any label but we imagine that it's only a matter of time"

“And there are performances that keep you interested, including Kate Walsh as a kind of time lord, Cameron Britton as a philosophical hit man and especially the 15-year-old Gallagher (of Nickelodeon’s Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn), who’s remarkably assured as a hard-bitten 58-year-old in a middle-schooler’s body. He carries the show as far as he can.”


Who is Aidan Gallagher? UN Environment Ambassador Revealed