PHYSICIANS COMMITTEE FOR RESPONSIBLE MEDICINE  is one of my favorite organizations because they have the science of how plant based meals are making people healthier, not to mention helping our planet!  

It is hard to know where to start when changing your diet so I recommend checking out  #MeatlessMondays.   That's how I started.  

A lot of people believe plant based food is more expensive but that is not the case, especially when you cook at home. You can easily Google it and find out for yourself, but here is one article from the University of California Davis School of Medicine on the true savings of eating a plant based diet.  

It's also quite easy to price out rice, beans, tofu, burritos, pasta, fruit, vegetables and other types of foods at your local store. Please do remember though that you should always consult your doctor for medical and nutritional advice no matter what you read online. I encourage everyone to educate themselves and make informed decisions.