Did you know that PANTONE (the color company) declares a new color every year to be the official "color of the year"? Manufacturers and designers of products from fashion to home goods and more adopt the trendy color to help them sell goods and services. 

In 2018 the official color was a glowing purple called "Ultraviolet". In 2019 the color was called "Living Coral" and now in 2020 the color is called "Classic Blue". 

These colors keep changing so fast we can hardly keep track. What do these colors actually mean, rather than just a new trendy sneaker color? 

There are three colors I'd like to share with you. Glowing Blue, Glowing Yellow and Glowing Purple. These are the colors of dying coral, but before they die, they morph through a series of spectacular neon glowing colors. When they die, they turn a bleached white color.

Did you know coral is an ANIMAL? Yep. It is not a rock or a plant.

The UNEP says, "We've reached a tipping point for the planet when corals start glowing." The corals are dying because even a 1 degree shift in the ocean temperature can hurt them and the oceans are getting warmer. This is caused by climate change. This is caused by carbon emissions warming the oceans.

The problems is that coral support 25% of all ocean life and a billion (thats right 1/7 of the world's population) rely on coral for food and income. Without coral the fish that need them die out.

In the last 30 years, 50% of worldwide coral has died. It's a serous problem but many people think the glowing or the white bleached out coral is pretty, but these are actually very bad signs for our planet's survival.

What can we do?

  • We need to slow climate change and that means cutting carbon emissions.
  • We need to support work to reestablish and grow new coral reefs.
  • We need to create more "Hope" spots in the ocean where ocean life are protected from overfishing.
  • We need to spread awareness of what is happening.

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