He’s already unleashed a clutch of songs since 2017 that have earned him critical kudos, fans, and a spanking new spot on last month’s Bandsintown Emerging Artists chart. But that’s no big surprise. In between the lush “For You,” the spectral “Blue Neon,” and the soaring “Time,” Gallagher’s got versatile, romantic soundscapes to spare, each bound to win over the hardest of hearts.” - Min Chen

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The 15-year-old breakout star shows great promise as a musician with this smooth pop hit. Electronic beats run in dulcet streams with Gallagher’s skilled playing of the acoustic guitar and piano.” - Eunice Lei Wu

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Not only has “Five” stolen our hearts as an actor, but his incredible abilities as both a singer and a songwriter are truly something everyone can enjoy.” - Whitney Shoemaker

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THE TEN BEST GENRE TV CHARACTERS OF 2019—It's no small feat for an actual teen (Aidan Gallagher) to convince audiences that the character he's playing is really an adult traversing time in a young man's body. But from the pilot, that's exactly what we believed about the gruff Five.” - Tara Bennett

This makes Gallagher’s kid performance as an old man, who is consistently grumpy and always needing coffee or booze, one of the show’s main delights.” - David Betancourt

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And there are performances that keep you interested, including Kate Walsh as a kind of time lord, Cameron Britton as a philosophical hit man and especially the 15-year-old Gallagher (of Nickelodeon’s Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn), who’s remarkably assured as a hard-bitten 58-year-old in a middle-schooler’s body. He carries the show as far as he can.” - Glen Weldon

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